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Life is crazy, hectic, heart breaking, overwhelming, and stressful.

But life is beautiful.

It's not unusual to get caught up in life's fast-paced never-ending checklists. To forget or ignore what life is all about. I'm guilty of it. And that is why I love photography.

I love that newborn sessions remind me of how tiny and precious life is. I love that I'm surrounded by children and all their joy, their curiosity, and their overflowing amount of energy and innocence. I love seeing glimpses of tender moments exchanged between couples. Being a photographer reminds me to appreciate everything in my life.

My goal is to capture photographs that exemplify what you love and give you something to look back upon, if you ever find yourself needing to be reminded on your life's joys.

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area I specialize in natural light lifestyle photography. Please contact me for information on packages and pricing.